The bakery as an integral part of the mill-bakery complex “Dime Doo” Skopje extends over an area of ​​over 1000 m2 working area on two levels.

Within the bakery, there are several production plants, as follows:

– Bread production plant
– Plant for production of special breads

– Pastry production plant
– Confectionery production plant
– Plant for production of premixes and additives.

The average daily production of the bakery is about 20,000 pieces of bread and about 5,000 pieces of pastries. Premixes and additives are generally produced for personal use only.

The bakery has a main warehouse for raw materials and several smaller dedicated warehouses for raw materials and packaging. The raw material warehouse is equipped with several chambers for proper storage of raw materials and semi-finished products.

The equipment in the mill, which is made in Italy, is installed on five levels (P + 4), and the management is fully computerized, so it is served by only one person.

Mill products are

– wheat flour T400, T500, T850, wholemeal flour, special purpose flour
– rye flour, integral rye flour
– animal flour
– bran for human consumption

The quality of the raw materials and products is constantly monitored in its own modern laboratory, and for the health safety, samples are regularly submitted to the Republic Institute for Health Protection.